New customers often tell us they take their vehicles to one of the many, "Quickie Lube" chain stores, because they believe it is less expensive (and maybe more convenient). When we ask them if they ever smell hot oil after an oil change, they typically respond, "Sure. Isn't that normal?" It's not. They are surprised to learn that, and even more surprised when we explain that our pricing is not only competitive, but a better value. That was just the first reason, secondly, we offer a complete multi-point inspection; front to back, top to bottom, down to your tag bulbs, and bulbs are replaced for cost of the bulbs. We don’t do this to sell you anything, but as a vehicle health check so we can advise you of your vehicle's condition so you are not surprised! Your family's safety is a concern. Thirdly, we use only high quality parts, keep you car clean and don’t try to upsell you like the dealerships. Actually that's more than 3 reasons, but we want you to be educated. We never want you to feel strong-armed, but we always want you to know you can trust us. We want to be your vehicle's trusted "physician".

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